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ABA UK offer a wide range of training and assessments meeting the requirements of ABA International.

Following the successful development of the 24/7 accessible international skills register and associated quality assurance body in the form of the International Standards & Accreditation Council (ISAC) ABA continues to promote the harmonisation of skills qualifications worldwide. These new innovations led by leading awarding bodies, organisations and experienced individuals from different countries ensure certification credibility (ISAC regulated & approved), accessibility (quick online verification) and continual enhancement (sharing best practice) via international standards-setting events & awarding body audits.

Through these processes ABA is achieving the ultimate aim of reducing barriers to employment & mobility of skilled individuals and removing any unnecessary requirements for duplication of existing certification already held by that skilled person.


Accreditation currently covers the following skills areas & activities recognised by ABA member countries

Chainsaw Training

We offer a wide range of chainsaw training courses that are convenient and flexible so you can be fully qualified to ABA International standards.

Arborist Training

We offer various courses from basic to advanced to give you the skills needed such as groundwork, tree climbing, pruning, aerial rescue and handsaw skills.

Woodchipper Training

This course will provide you with a complete understanding of how to look after your woodchipper and to operate it safely.

Loler Inspection

We offer Loler Inspections of your equipment ensuring you comply with National and European legislation.


Become fully qualified by the ABA either as part of your training course or on it's own.

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